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Spanish Cuisine

Spain is a country where it is tradition to eat well. It is a paradise of fine food that is appreciated and valued worldwide for its quality and variety. But when talking about Spanish Cuisine, you are not just talking about one country; in Spain, the difference in climate and lifestyle in the various regions has been key to preserving gastronomical tradition. Dishes from the different regions have been passed down from generation to generation, and as a result, the variety of dishes is not only astounding, but also taste the same as they did hundreds, even thousands of years ago.

Spanish Paella Seafood

In the North you might want to try Asturian beans or Cod pil-pil from the Biscay Region. If you go to Galicia, tasting calamari ‘a feira’ goes without saying. In Segovia you’ll enjoy a savory roast lamb and when in Madrid you mustn’t miss a Spanish favorite: Cocido madrileño. Head east to Catalonia and get an order of bread covered with tomato and Spanish olive oil. No one can visit Spain without trying three dishes that identify Spanish cuisine: Gazpacho, La Tortilla de Patatas and of course, the Paella. When a Spaniard leaves his homeland, these are the three dishes he will assiduously miss the most.

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