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Wedding Cakes

A Wedding Cake is usually a focal point in a wedding reception. It is usually a large cake topped with a statue representing the couple. The first slice is eaten and shared by the couple.

Three-tiered Wedding Cake with monochromatic blue fondant icing and Cupcakes with Icing in pink, yellow and green

Three-tiered Wedding Cake and Cupcakes with Icing

Outbound/Outdoor Two-tiered Wedding Cake with orange, yellow and brown fondant icing, cake is like a mountain with the cute couple on top

Two-tiered Wedding Cake with Outbound/Outdoor motif

Three-tiered Wedding Cake with violet fondant icing and peach and orange flower accents

Three-tiered Wedding Cake

Three-tiered Wedding Cake with white fondant icing with yellow flower and blue strip accents

Three-tiered Wedding Cake

Three round pieces of white Wedding Cake on pedestal with fresh flowers on top

Three Piece Wedding Cake

Three round pieces of white Wedding Cake on pedestal with blue strip accent

Three Piece Wedding Cake

Beach inspired Two-tiered Wedding Cake in blue green (like the ocean) with sugar seashell accents

Two-tiered Wedding Cake for a Beach Wedding

Two-tiered Wedding Cake with peach fondant icing and white sugar flower accents

Two-tiered Peach Wedding Cake

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