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Top 10 Cuisines of the World

International Food

Food is any material or substance that we eat or drink to provide energy and nutrition. Each of one of us has our own favorite food. Food and drinks can be cooked and prepared in different ways. Each group of people, each region, each country has their own unique way of preparing food. A cuisine is a specific set of cooking traditions and practices often associated with a place of origin. It is highly influenced by the ingredients available locally and by trade.

One way of knowing a country's culture is through their food, their cuisines. Each have a unique flavor and taste. When you travel around the world, it is a must that you taste their cuisines to know the people better.

To help guide you in the flavorful, colorful and tasty international cuisines, here are the top 10 delicious cuisines of the world.

Yummy Desserts

Learn more about food - origin of its name, special effects to our body, not so common names. Here are some interesting, informative and fun food trivia.

All about chocolate. It was once highly priced by kings, queens and emperors. Now, everyone has access to this delectable confection. There are so many ways of preparing them as well as eating them. Each countr even have their own special chocolate.

A special occasion is best celebrated with a cake There is surely a cake for any occassion, for a special someone and just to perk you up.

Make everyday special. Make your own easy to cook Chocolate Cheese Pie or Chocolate Cake. Better if you share it with your loved one and make everyday a Valentine!

Intruiged by the different cuisines? Learn how to make them. Why not try these delicious recipes and enjoy the cuisine in your own home. Make it more flavorful, add your own signature, spice it up!

Happy eating!

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